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EcoStar+ Range

The design of the EcoStar downlights has proved to be extremely reliable over the past 6 years since we launched it and our policy has been to build on that by upgrading LEDs and drivers to deliver class leading efficiency and performance whilst maintaining reliability. In fact, a variant of the Eco600 LED downlight that we manufacture of a leading housebuilder has a failure rate of less than 100 in a quantity of 85,000 supplied during the past four years. 

Following another review of the EcoStar range to improve efficiency and performance we have developed an exciting and new range called EcoStar+. The EcoStar+ range offers new products with more options, improved efficiencies and outputs and also better dimmer compatibility. The EcoStar+ range is split into three different product ranges: EcoStar 600+, EcoStar 900+ and the Commercial+ Range. 

EcoStar 600+ LED Downlight Range

EcoStar 600+ Range

The EcoStar 600+ range offers: 

  • Universal mains dim/non-dim driver
  • 1-10v and DALI dim options
  • Efficiency up to 110lm/cW (or 129lm/cW for multi-head options) 
  • Higher delivered lumens that previous range
  • Trimless bezel version added to range
EcoStar 600+ Trimless LED Downlight - Wholesale

EcoStar 900+ Range

The EcoStar 900+ range offers: 

  • Higher output than EcoStar 600+ with up to 894 delivered lumens
  • Non-dim, mains dim, 1-10v and DALI dim options available
  • Efficiency up to 114lm/cW
  • Same bezel options as EcoStar 600+ range
EcoStar 900+ LED Downlight Range

Commercial+ Range

The Commercial+ range offers: 

  • New Eco900LG+ (replacing the Eco1000LG) with improved efficiency up to 96lm/cW
  • New Eco1600LG+ (replacing the Eco1500LG) with improved output and efficiency up to 133lm/cW
  • New Eco2300LG+ (replacing the Eco2200LG) with improved output and efficiency up to 127 lm/cW
  • New Eco3100LG+ commercial downlight comparable to 2x32W PLT)
  • All commercial products now available in both 3000K and 4000K.
EcoStar+ Commercial LED Range