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What make of dimmer controls are approved for use with the EcoStar 600?

Our fittings work with dimmer controls from Danlers, Richmond, Varilight (Doyle & Tratt) and Zano. However, due to changing components in the dimmer controls, it's not always possible to say which dimmer controls are approved. Please could contact our technical support for more information and advice on this.

I have installed an approved dimming control with EcoStar 600's. How many fittings can be controlled on a circuit with one dimmer?

This will be governed by the dimmer control that you have used. Please contact our technical support so that we can advise the number of fittings for the dimmer control that you have installed.


I'm installing EcoStar 600's; can I use one driver for multiple LED downlights on a circuit?

All EcoStar fittings are pre-wired with its own driver - removing these drivers will invalidate the warranty.

How much free space in the void around an EcoStar 600 is required?

150mm of airspace is required around the fitting for optimum efficiency.

After removing the existing fittings in my kitchen, I am left with holes measuring 110mm. I'm planning to install the EcoStar 600 but they have a cut out of only 75mm. How do I get around this?

Special adapter plates are available from your local EcoStar stockists.

I understand  that the EcoStar 500 has been discontinued and replaced with the EcoStar 600. I have EcoStar 500's installed and would like more to finish off my project.

Please check with your local EcoStar stockist on the availability of EcoStar 500 or call EcoStar Sales on 02381 230 381.