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Why choose EcoStar?

Below are some advantages to why our customers buy from us and not other LED manufacturers:


Reliability assured

Versions of our EcoStar products have been on test for more than 4 years. EcoStar is manufactured by PhotonStar LED Ltd. in the UK, part of the PhotonStar LED Group plc.


Highest quality of light

EcoStar downlights are Ra80+ as called for by the CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting and BS EN 12464-1


Fewer fittings and better uniformity

EcoStar products have the highest light output and widest beam angle in the wholesale market, resulting in fewer fittings required and better uniformity than any other Part L compliant wholesale LED products.


Faster payback and lowest operating costs

The EcoStar range of LED downlights have achieved the greatest efficiency in the wholesale market with >80 L Lm/cw (Luminaire Lumens per Circuit Watt) which provides faster payback and lower operating costs.


Better aesthetics and reduced glare

The EcoStar collection has a unique design for optimum visual comfort and aesthetic quality, built to the highest quality with sustainable materials. Diffuse optics give a unique and highly desirable "non-LED" appearance.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and following the success of our EcoStar brand, several other manufacturers/importers have launched products that look, in many ways, like our product (the EcoStar 600) and some have even been called Ecostar Halo or names similar. 

Please make sure that you are using a genuine EcoStar by PhotonStar product. The EcoStar 600, made by PhotonStar, delivers: 

  • Assured reliability - Build heritage with more than 40,000 hours test data
  • High quality of light - EcoStar downlights are Ra80+ and have colour consistency within a 3 MacAdam Ellipse
  • The greatest efficiency in the wholesale market with >80 delivered lumens/circuit watt
  • Full Part L compliance with no exceptions or complex exemptions to consider
  • Highest light output and widest beam angle in the market
  • 5 year warranty
  • Full certification of fire rating
  • Patented fire rating using intumescent seal
  • ECA compliant
  • Made and tested in South Wales

You can find data sheets, IES files, installation instructions and hole adapters for our product here.

To discuss your requirements for EcoStar by PhotonStar, please contact our sales team.