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Carbon Reduction Commitment

Introduction to CRC

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme) is a mandatory initiative from the UK Government which is set to be enforced from April 2010, although businesses set to be involved in the scheme need to start preparing their budgets now for the consequences ahead.

The aim of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is to lower national carbon emissions by encouraging businesses to become more energy efficient through energy saving projects. Those businesses which cut energy costs through low-energy lighting, thermal insulation, motor control, upgraded equipment and other initiatives will not only benefit from lower energy bills but will lessen the financial impact of being forced to buy carbon credits under the scheme, gain great PR from climbing the CRC league tables, and actually turn their carbon credits into profit at the end of each financial year!

Is your business affected by the scheme? What action do you need to take? How can your involvement actually result in a profit? Read on to find out…

Is my business affected?

Can I avoid participation in the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme by reducing my energy consumption now?

How will the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme operate?

When does my business need to start purchasing carbon credits?

Who profits from the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme?

What metrics decide my business’s placement in the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme league tables?

How can my business climb the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme league table?

Should I wait until 2011 (or later) before cutting my emissions?

Lighting – the quick and easy way to reduce your energy demand for CRC