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PhotonStar™ has access to a number of different finance packages that can help a number of different businesses and organisations. This funding can be used to install energy saving lighting so contact us to see how we can help your business or organisation.

We are an active supplier of the Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme, so we can help you by checking what loan might be available from the Carbon Trust to upgrade your light fittings.

Another is The London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF), which has a fund of £100m from the European Regional Development Fund and London Green Fund to be lent to public or private sector borrowers on projects that promote energy efficiency. You can benefit from LEEF if you are working on a retrofit project in a London-located private, public or voluntary sector building. Lighting is one of the eligible technologies and funding can be provided for projects greater than £1m only. This can be spread across a mixture of energy saving equipment so the project doesn't need to have £1m worth of energy efficient lighting to qualify. Read more about LEEF here.

Salix Finance

For public sector organisations, funding may be available to include lighting upgrades in project initiatives supported by Salix Finance.

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